Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Poem

A good family friend of ours was inspired by God to write this poem for us. 

One day you will hold my tiny little hands, 
and whisper you've missed me and together we'll stand.

The air is so pure and the flowers so bright,
and mommy guess what? there is no night.

There's nothing to fear and there's joy all around,
and the praises of angels is the most beautiful sound.

There's plenty of children up here that I see,
although I'm quite different, you both wanted me.

Many are sad all the pain they went through,
the world says there's tissue but we know that's not true.

I know I was treasured the day you conceived,
although you couldn't see me, you chose to believe.

I know there's questions about my short life,
but soon we'll be together where there is no strife.

And though I have so very much to learn,
there is something missing and that I discern.

It's the absence I feel from you and dad,
but one day I'll see you so I am not sad.

I came to know your voice and such, 
Matthew's laughter and daddy's touch.

Your prayers of excitement I felt each day,
but things just happened another way.

Please don't cry and don't be sad,
I'll greet you soon, still a little lad.

They say a day is as a thousand years,
so please don't shed another tear.

So mommy and daddy you'll just have to wait, 
but I promise to meet you at the Eastern gate.

Please be there
Love Andrew

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Tamara said...

Wow, that's amazing! Beautiful