Monday, July 20, 2009

Andrew's Memorial

Yesterday we went to the cemetery to see Andrew's memorial that was installed on Friday. It turned out really nice. We included the sailboat since that's what we were going to decorate Andrew's room with.

The memorial stone

Matthew checking out his little brothers memorial
This is a statue that was donated to the cemetery,
I'm assuming by a family that lost a baby

It was a cloudy day but as soon as we got to the cemetery, the sun came out. Thanks Andrew!

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Meg said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog tonight from the Names in the Sand blog and after reading your story I thought I would comment. I lost my second son the day after you lost yours. It makes me sad that there is someone else out there who is experiencing a similar situation to me right now, I wouldn't wish this on anyone! At the same time I too agree that God has a plan, and I too know that his plan for our little boy was different than mine, but I accept that. We have yet to pick out a headstone, but yours is so beautiful! Perfect for a sweet little boy. I guess I should get on that ;). I'm sorry... I really just wanted to say hi and that I understand what you are going through.

-Meg (