Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I deleted my last blog because I was having so many problems with this site. Well I tried to find a different site to use but none of them were as easy as this one so I'm giving this another shot. 

Halloween is almost here. On Thursday, my cousin Amber and I are taking the boys to the Toledo Zoo for their "Little Boo at the Zoo". It should be fun. The weather is suppose to be perfect. On Halloween, we're planning on going to my brothers house. Our neighborhood has been pretty dead (no pun intended) the last few years so we figured we would go to their house this year since it sounds like their neighborhood is usually pretty busy. 

Matthew has his school pictures at daycare tomorrow. The first time they had school pictures was when Matthew first started there and it didn't go very well. He cried both times (I took him back the 2nd day to see if we could get pictures without him crying, it didn't work). 

He also changed rooms last week. He is now in the 15 month - 2 year old room. A big difference from the infant room. He has cried every single day that I've dropped him off. When I open the door to the hallway of his room, he starts to cry. It breaks my heart that I have to leave him like that but I know that he has a good time. 

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